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Dream Reader

Solve the riddle of your dreams

What I will be Offering

E-mail or Meet: particulars of how to 

How long - 45 Minutes

How much - $40 / session 

Please read the contract below and return the signed copy of the waiver to




Payment of $40 paid by check

Skype at dreamreader18@outlook.com  


meet in my office. 


You must have a desire to be introspective. You are paying for having a discussion about your dream. You believe that the answer cannot be found in books and each dream should be addressed as an individualized experience.


You may not agree with my interpretation; you may not like my interpretation. I make no guarantees. My questions and remarks are intuitive. In either case you will still be expected to pay the $40 for the 45-minute session.


I will take it upon myself to make my most earnest effort to find that “aha” moment with you. I know that you have the power to unlock the true meaning of your dream.

Let's set up an Appointment